About The Campaign

This campaign started from a simple observation: On one hand, we humans are so nice to our pets, but on the other hand, we are so cruel to the animals whom we eat.

What is so special about our pets? What is so horrible about the animals we eat? In reality, these animals all share much in common. The goal of the ‘Why Love One But Eat the Other’ poster campaign is to encourage people to extend to chickens, cows and pigs just a little of the concern that we show towards our pets.

The campaign first ran in 2009 in Toronto, Canada (click here for the original Toronto campaign). Since then, similar campaigns have been conducted elsewhere. In Singapore, the Vegetarian Society (Singapore) started in earnest in 2012, investigating options (buses or trains, which stations, how long should the campaign last), negotiating the price with SMRT, booking dates (27 March-9 April 2014) and raising the almost $50K needed for the two-week run on the platform screen doors at City Hall MRT.

One of the more interesting occurrences in the lead up to the campaign launch was when SMRT, at the behest of LTA, requested the removal of photos showing the horrors of factory farming. In the end, we reached a compromise; the potentially discomforting photos were covered, with an explanation, “Censored: These photos were deemed too graphic and may upset the public. For the full posters, please visit www.loveustoo.sg”.

At the end of its two-week run, we hope that many people would have come to realise that chickens, cows, pigs and other farm animals are just as intelligent, emotional, sensitive and deserving of our love and compassion as dogs and cats.

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