Eating Out

There are so many veg and veg-friendly eateries in Singapore that eating out is not a problem at all!

Check out the Vegetarian Society (Singapore)'s directory which lists close to 500 vegetarian food outlets in Singapore!

To find veg and veg-friend eateries anywhere around the world, and are excellent resources.

If you want detailed reviews of local veg eateries, you can check out local food blogs Veganash, Hungry Ang Mo, Mr & Mrs Vegan and Sunny's Vegetarian Food Hunt.

Most restaurants have veg sections in their menus. Even if they do not, you can politely ask if a non-veg dish can be made veg by removing or substituting some ingredients. For instance, ask if the chicken in a chicken aglio olio pasta can be changed to mushrooms. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how many chefs are willing to take the opportunity to cook something different!

Almost all airlines will allow you to specify special dietary needs when you book tickets through the website. Happycow has a guide on eating veg during air travel. Be sure, however, to inform airlines ahead of time. If going to a catered affair, it's best to let the organisers know your dietary needs ahead of time. If you forget to do this, just talk to the servers when you arrive -- they will often have a veg option or will at least be able to remove the meat and give you extras of another item. When invited to someone's home for a meal, politely let your host know ahead of time that you are veg (and what exactly that excludes from your diet) and offer to bring a veg dish or to help with the meal plan if they'd like.